Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Momma is Sick

"Momma is sick.
What should we do?
The thermometer reads 102."

That's the opening paragraph of one of Gus' current favorite books and since yesterday, that books has become the refrain of our lives. I am sick as a dog, battling - unsuccessfully - some mean bug, that I probably picked up somewhere during our trip back from the holidays. To make a long list of ailments short: I feel crappy and not like myself - all on about 4 hours of sleep for the last two nights.

Gus has been wonderfully understanding. Yesterday we had Daddy for reinforcement, but today outside of Tomatis therapy (thank goodness, he'll get to play with his favorite OT Anna for 2 hours) Gus will be subject to bad mothering, as I most likely will want to lie on the couch, feel bad for myself and do little.

To make matters more interesting, we got a dusting of snow and temperatures have plunged into the 20s - a real icy snow day, one we would normally take advantage of with a lengthy romp around the elements.

But today I want to sit and drink hot tea. Drink hot tea and sit. Poor Gus, the best I think I can do, is let him out in the backyard and watch from the kitchen...

Other than that, he will likely exceed his 1 hour of movies - by about 5 hours or so...

Like I said I feel bad.

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