Monday, January 2, 2012

Being Non-sensical

Gus loves to speak non-sense, meaning he either uses words out of context or he makes up words. Being well versed in echolalia (repetition of memorized phrases, something many children with Autism are prone to do), Gus loves to be creative with the words he is comfortable with and furthermore incorporate words he isn't sure about (hence the made-up words, that he believes have meaning).
So the possibilities are endless and entertaining.

"I phew on Momma"
"I musky on Momma"
"I'm Lakshme Seng" (we listen to a lot of NPR)
"I'm Jack Spears" (again a News Broadcaster on NPR)

This morning however, he made me laugh with a brand-new one
"I Nobel-Nordisk on Momma" (This is a product that seems to be doing a lot of underwriting on NPR)

Quite creative with his words, if you ask me.


  1. So excited to find your recent posts tonight. I had been checking the other blog only to be disappointed until I decided to check this one tonight. You have painted a beautiful word picture of precious Gus and yourself. Great job, Geribeth. I want to share the link with everyone, but only with your permission.