Monday, May 9, 2011

Daydreamin' in the sun




It's one of those beautiful early summer days, when the breeze still qualifies as a breeze (not the low-setting on a blow dryer) and the heat seems cozy. My beloved roses are threatening to burst open their buds any moment now and that makes me so happy, the air is thick with nature's anticipation for a season of heavy growth and under the weight of it all we feel momentarily slow and lazy.

My to-do list has a brief interlude and Gus is lazying on the Subaru's windshield, while I drink an iced coffee on the front porch steps. I'm thinking it's naptime, but then again he is so happy just day dreaming there, watching the clouds and telling me about Thomas-the-Train's latest exploits...

We are working on "look at Momma and say hi" when I point the camera at him, so I wanted to share the results. Gus' smile is worth millions in cold hard cash but really it's priceless to me. Even if eye contact remains a hurdle, his smile and friendly manners make up for it any day.
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Short One

Just a brief note to tell everyone who has called, texted or commented, how much I appreciate all the thoughtful support and assurances....yes, the world must be populated with diaper-wearing 4 and 5-year-old boys and maybe mine will join their ranks (he'll be general if it's an army-sort-of-effort) and they'll march against potty-obsessed Mommas like me.

I really appreciate it - very much. I'm facing every day with a little more resolve and a little less inurity (not sure if that is a word...too lazy to look it up, too, shoot me you little diaper-guerrilla soldiers) there are faint signs of hope. The fact that he hates having it in his undies, the fact that he is genuinly sorry to make it in his undies, the fact that he can reliably tell you every step to get a toy reward...

It might be a long haul, but knowing myself, I will learn something from it, gain a bit of humility (which I need lots of) and make lots of funny stories out of it later...maybe to prop up another mom devastated by a son who won't do what she wants him to do....

Give it forward and make life more meaningful together.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Worse Before It Gets Better?

I feel inured these days.
Very inured.
Before you run to grab your dictionary, allow me to show off a bit (after all, my GRE studies seem to be the only effort of mine paying off with tangible results these days)

Inured means "to readily accept the undesirable"

Funny how cloes it seems to the word "injured", which would describe my pride, after a solid week of being met by long faces when I pick Gus up from preschool and leaving with a knotted plastic grocery bag full of smelly, sodden underwear and pants).

Some tell me they feel sorry for me, others venture out on a dangerously thin limb to tell me that it "gets worse before it gets better," still others tell me of the many, many boys they know first, second, third or some-suspicious-number -hand, who were well into their fourth year of life before they would poop on the potty.

I'm not buying it. My friends are all secretive about their boys' toilet exploits and I appreciate how nice they are trying to be, however, I'm simply close to despair over this whole thing. If there are so many boys not going to the potty at four, where are they? Not at Gus' preschool, I can assure you of that.

I feel inured. Though I still question plenty. Like why does this have to be so hard, and will everything be so hard?...and if so, how is that fair?

I've tried it all, I'm tired of it all. I can't think of anything else to do. Did I mention I'm tired?
All my puissance of conviction that with hard work I will see results has left me.
Now go look that up.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 7 - Poopie Training

No photo...sorry...can't think of what to take a picture of, since I'm not photographing poop anymore...I was toying with putting my tomato starts here, but that wouldn't really fit with the theme of this post...unless you consider how fickle they are...

No poopie in the potty today. Sorry. I so wish I could end this week on a high note and pump my fist in victory, but no siree, Gus is not playing along. He decided to go in his undies this morning and we plain let him and then let him squirm a bit, enjoying his ginger gait and repeated pleas to be cleaned up. If nothing else a bump in your undies is funny to look at when you are not quite 4 yet.

After a whole week, I can safely say Gus is not completely on my page yet and God has a slighly different plan for me too, so I'm going to work on my patience and humility without giving in.

I believe my plan is a good plan and eventually it will work with some preserverance. There is a bit of fine-tuning I have to do and my professional team will help me with that this coming week. Jacob and I both believe that it is important that we continue, so the diapers stay bye-bye and the added load of laundry is here to stay for a bit longer.

For now I will suspend the daily updates, unless I think I have something interesting to say or some exciting news to report. Talking that much poop without some development just plain isn't good for me or you.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. I hope you were entertained or even learned something.