Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 7 - Poopie Training

No photo...sorry...can't think of what to take a picture of, since I'm not photographing poop anymore...I was toying with putting my tomato starts here, but that wouldn't really fit with the theme of this post...unless you consider how fickle they are...

No poopie in the potty today. Sorry. I so wish I could end this week on a high note and pump my fist in victory, but no siree, Gus is not playing along. He decided to go in his undies this morning and we plain let him and then let him squirm a bit, enjoying his ginger gait and repeated pleas to be cleaned up. If nothing else a bump in your undies is funny to look at when you are not quite 4 yet.

After a whole week, I can safely say Gus is not completely on my page yet and God has a slighly different plan for me too, so I'm going to work on my patience and humility without giving in.

I believe my plan is a good plan and eventually it will work with some preserverance. There is a bit of fine-tuning I have to do and my professional team will help me with that this coming week. Jacob and I both believe that it is important that we continue, so the diapers stay bye-bye and the added load of laundry is here to stay for a bit longer.

For now I will suspend the daily updates, unless I think I have something interesting to say or some exciting news to report. Talking that much poop without some development just plain isn't good for me or you.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. I hope you were entertained or even learned something.

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