Monday, May 9, 2011

Daydreamin' in the sun




It's one of those beautiful early summer days, when the breeze still qualifies as a breeze (not the low-setting on a blow dryer) and the heat seems cozy. My beloved roses are threatening to burst open their buds any moment now and that makes me so happy, the air is thick with nature's anticipation for a season of heavy growth and under the weight of it all we feel momentarily slow and lazy.

My to-do list has a brief interlude and Gus is lazying on the Subaru's windshield, while I drink an iced coffee on the front porch steps. I'm thinking it's naptime, but then again he is so happy just day dreaming there, watching the clouds and telling me about Thomas-the-Train's latest exploits...

We are working on "look at Momma and say hi" when I point the camera at him, so I wanted to share the results. Gus' smile is worth millions in cold hard cash but really it's priceless to me. Even if eye contact remains a hurdle, his smile and friendly manners make up for it any day.
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