Monday, June 6, 2011

At Wit's End

On Saturday, Jacob and I spent almost 6 hours tag-teaming and sitting on the potty with Gus. The result: He didn't poop at all that day. Instead he pooped in the yard the next morning during the 5 minutes Jacob was doing something other than watching him.

Today I picked him up from school, fed him, sat with him on the potty for 2 hours, let him nap, fed him, sat him on the potty again, and we are still sitting and will be sitting until he goes to bed. The result: He managed to sneak out of his room and pee on our bed...I'm washing the bedding now, while he sits on the potty.

So far all we got to show for potty training is this: An overwhelming aversion to the potty, lots of laundry, a complete regression in his bladder control and a new tolerance for pooping anywhere as well as in his undies.

Some will tell me he is not ready and to wait, which is all great, except my gut instinct tells me that we have already created a routine (where he poops in his once a day diaper) that he is comfortable with and will not want to deviate from. I'm running the clock, as all Autism specialists tell me that after 4 potty training will only get harder (haha)

I'm so angry it hurts my head. I know yelling at him won't make a difference, but what? what can I do to not feel so angry.

Why is this so hard and why is it so hard for me?

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