Monday, December 26, 2011

Anew with Acceptance

After hitting the pause button for six months and taking a step back - as well as several stumbles sideways - I'm back and resolved to step lively and smartly and once again chronicle our lives with Autism, partly for others, such as family, friends and fans, but mostly for myself. If you know me, you probably know that I like things neat and linear, black and white, not so much gray and definitely not served up in chaos. Writing things down and revisiting them, helps me sort the bla bla bla from facts, the superficial from the essential and most importantly learn from my mistakes - hopefully somewhere along the way, I help one or two others, by hitting on something that hits a nerve and sparks an idea.

That's what sharing one's thoughts and experiences are all about - at least in my mind.

I am promising myself to take a moment each day and write something true to me. Something that touches on Autism, which like all mosaic and /or spectrum diseases is resplendent with mystery and throws me for a loop about a million times a day. There is little that is hard and fast, that can be explained in a nice and neat package, checked off on a to-do list, or solved in a 12-step process, there is, however, an endless supply of perplexing problems and issues that arise at a breath-taking pace each day and threaten to deflate me and many other parents, who try to explain our neuro-normal world to our autistic children.

I hope I hit a nerve now and then.

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