Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 6 - Poopie Training

There's still another day and maybe it's too early to call this week a complete waste of time and a study in missed opportunities, but it certainly feels that way.

Gus - smart and cunning as he is cute and sweet - has firmly put me back not just on square one but seemingly beyond the starting line alltogether.

So far this week: I've forgotten all my GRE words, all I know now is poopie and potty related terms. I've laundered a load of smelly laundry almost every day. I've managed to clean nothing, straighten up little and simply watch the soap residue accumulate in the bathroom sink (I've lots of time to watch anything in the bathroom sink). I've lost sleep, showered once and at least (Thank God) excercised four times for an hour each time. I would not be sane if I hadn't. I've spent endless hours watching Gus' behind for any suspicious movement, schlepped him off to sit on the potty more times than I want to admit, all with little to show for.

Gus on the other hand, has enjoyed wearing next to nothing almost all days. Poop in new adventurous locations (the front yard today) and aquire a definite distaste for the potty and anything related to it. In fact, his mind is pretty much made up after this week. He doesn't like sitting on it, being near it or talking about it.

Wow, and we stayed home for all that.
On the bright side, he did poop in the potty once and has stayed dry four out of six nights. I try to be grateful. I try. I try. I try.

Poopie Score:
Undies: 3
Potty: 1
Front Yard/Livingroom Floor: 2

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