Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 2 - Poopie Training


(Rion stops by to entertain us on Day 2 of our self-imposed exile for immersion potty training)

One more poop to "learn" from this morning. Gus like a shifty-eyed mini-crook managed to distract me sending me to look for a toy, then limped over to sheepishly point to the big (enormous) bump in his pants.
"Want to clean it, Momma."
No, not really.

On a more positive note, Gus slept soundly through the night without even a drop of peepee in his undies and I wanted to jump up and down this morning - only I was too tired to jump, much less move. I had gotten up every two hours to check on him.

After Monday, today we are following a strict schedule of wake and bedtime, as well as evenly spaced food times, including snacks (and "doctored up" yoghurt a la Metamusil) I let Gus drink as much as he wants until 7 p.m. and he gets treats for going to pee and extra treats if he tells me that he needs to go pee. For No. 2 we use a visual schedule (more on that in a later post) and there are big "toy treats" waiting to be played with, if I poopie actually hits the water.

According to my charting, things get dicey between 10 and noon, which is when Gus fights going to the bathroom and wants nothing more than to be off the toilet. When he is not on the potty, his attention span rivals that of a fruit fly, as he can barely focus on anything while trying to hold the urge to go. I feel for him as I follow him in endless, aimless circles through the kitchen, dining room, living room and his room, which means I don't work, clean or study. I don't run errands, return phone calls or check e-mails. All I do is listen to the radio and follow Gus.

So much for spring break. With a schedule like that we can't really go very far, but we are trying to get out at least once a day and improvise with new games (and some computer time) at home.

On one blog I read this morning a Dad complained about having to be "excited about absolutely nothing" and I can certainly sympathize with that.

But we'll forge on.

Poopie Score:
Undies: 2
Potty: 0
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