Monday, January 23, 2012

He likes the soup!

Gus at soup Saturday, yesterday and today!!!
My finicky eater of a son. ATE. SOUP. WITHOUT. COMPLAINT. THREE. DAYS. IN. A. ROW.
Partly we owe a big thanks to Pixar's Ratatouille, which prominently features soup and which fascinates Gus as few things do. He has become knowledgeable of things in the kitchen and sometimes even helps me "cook." That's why I wanted to shout (with a fake French accent) "He likes the soup! like the waiter character does not too long into the movie.
I don't know how many 4-years-old truly enjoy soup, but to me that's a sign that despite his fondness for BEIGE foods, Gus could still become a gourmand, someday.
We get so stuck in Gus' preferred tracks sometimes, that I forget, how pliable that bright little mind of his really is. And that despite the shrieks and complaints I should never get tired of plying away.
Lately, he has amazed me with his willingness to forge ahead and simply try something, even when it makes little sense to him.

First pills. Then carrot sticks. Now soup.
What's next?
I'm thinking fish sticks.
Yep. I'm brave, too.

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