Friday, June 1, 2012

Playing tag

Gus will go to camp with a truckload of stuff - the packing list is long and extensive, if you ask me, but then again, I've never sent a preschooler off on his own before for a week to swim three times a day in between getting muddy, paint and eat food without Momma nearby with a napkin in hand.
He will need three changes of everything - every day.
Among the many hints in the camp booklet, I've been urged to mark and tag everything possible to minimize things getting lost or "being traded" - another new camp concept for us to get our minds around - so Gus and I set out the other day to make simple tags that we will be attaching to everything that won't take a wash-proof pen.
The idea is simple. Print out photos wallet-size, write name and phone number with crayon (Gus practiced writing his name on the other side, along with our phone number) then use contact paper, a hole punch, and some plastic ties from the Dollar Store.

Voila, personalized tags that will help Gus keep track of his stuff.
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