Thursday, May 24, 2012

Coming to camp

Yesterday, Gus & I visited Camp Lakey Gap - again - to drop off our BIG check (aside from Gus we have donated $4075 to the camp's scholarship fund, thanks to our very successful silent auction). In return we got a VERY THOROUGH camper handbook with a pack list so long, I'm thinking of renting on of those moving pods - they think of EVERYTHING - humbles me as a mother.

Gus meanwhile was less impressed with the logistics and more focused on roaming around. We've only been here once before, but he seems to remember EXACTLY where everything is and was very impatient to go see EVERYTHING again. Here he is waiting for me to catchup to go see the creek.

On to the playground - again I'm barely catching up, to the right are some of the camper cabins.

Gus' favorite place - the playground, which has a lot of eclectic little playthings on it, like this hand-made ChooChoo, which Gus adores.

The highlight, however, hands-down, is this yellow slide. Steep as a double-diamond ski run (trust me, I tried it, it scares me) and bright yellow. So everytime I talk about "camp" now Gus starts talking about the "yellow slide." Our camp friends already know that Gus will do pretty much anything, if it is followed by a run down the yellow slide....
He cried when I said it was time to leave. He said "want to stay in camp" He won hearts of all the activities directors already by standing there teary-eyed not wanting to leave. They can't wait for him to come back.
We are visiting one more time, next week (Gus is a "practice camper" invited for counselors and activities directors to try out games & plays with)
He'll probably cry again when I say it's time to leave.
But June 10, he gets to stay.
And have lots of fun for 6 days straight.
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  1. Congrats on your successful auction and all the money you raised. Wonderful. I hope his week at camp is stellar!