Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's just not fair...

Call it the Murphy's Law of blogging. I wait a few days, stew, then finally decide that, yep, I'm feeling bad enough to let the world know about my hurt.
I rant and, rant some more. Then feel mildly better for getting it off my chest.
A mere 24 hours later, I stand humbled by the good feelings that wash over me. This is when I want to get into my car (which odd as it is, is where I do most of my talking to God), slam the door and say "God, that's not fair..."
Because I complain and complain and really let everyone have it - only to find the next day that I have so many things and people to be VERY grateful for.
God, I sincerely hope, you have a good sense of humor, because I feel very silly right now.
In those 24 hours since I hit the Publish Post button the following things have happened:
One friend, sent me a lovely, heartfelt note that made me cry good tears BEFORE breakfast and reminded me that no one (not even her) is always perfect - moreover neither are our children.
Another friend confessed that I helped inspire her to part-time foster an individual, who very much struggles the same way Gus does. Being an inspiration to anyone for anything is the highest compliment anyone can pay me at this time in my life.
Against all expectations, Gus and I did great in our second play therapy today. I thought we blew it for most of February in our play practice and dreaded our 3 hour (!!!) review, but Gus pulled out all the stops and that made me try really hard, too and the result was breath-taking and heart-accelerating.
We got a call back from a program that offers horseback riding lessons to individuals with disabilities. Even though we are late, it sounds like we'll get a spot, just because...
I went for a good run, tried to think of ways to raise money for a specialized camp for Gus this summer and came up empty (if sweaty). Then posted a ranty little comment on Facebook, only to come back to find a half dozen friends who want to help.
I am so humbled.
I'm going to rant more often.

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