Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A New Friend

Monday was - unexpectedly - a great day for me and Gus. So good, I'm worried that the rest of the week may not live up to it's fanfare opening to the week.
It started dull enough with me picking up an extra shift at the restaurant and making just enough to pay for Gus to stay in daycare for nap with a little leftover.
"Just enough for fish food" me and my co-server decided, making plans to let our 4-year-olds frolick in the late-winter sunshine at the nearby fish hatchery, where trout of all sizes vie for room and board - some of it provided by shrieking children, armed with quarters for fish food from the nearby dispensers.

What I couldn't have expected was how much Gus loved my co-worker's feisty little 4-year-old daughter, who didn't hesitate to lecture him on proper fish feeding, took his hand when it was time to go, and chased him with much delight along the adjacent little hiking trail. Gus' face showed it all. Amazement that this little girl loves getting dirty as much as he does, can throw rocks in the river like he can, and doesn't mind playing chase with him, even though he never chases...

We parted for dinner, but made plans to meet at the pool for a late evening swim. Gus couldn't stop talking about the little girl, making me reassure him that we would see her again.

When we got to the pool, she wasn't there yet - Gus looked in every corner and was about to check the men's changing room, when she appeared. He couldn't help but jump up and down on his tippy-toes.

They spent the next hour jumping in the water, holding hands, and helping each other climbing out.

Sarayd may never know this. But Gus did more cooperative play in those 3 hours spent with her, than he has in recent memory with anyone - and she made it all effortless and fun.

One great little therapist.

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